Unify payments, billing, and revenue management

Improve customer experience, grow recurring revenue, and reduce costs with a unified platform for payments, invoicing, and VAT.

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Power any billing model

Launch new checkouts and start accepting payments in minutes

Collect and store payment details, including cards, ACH, and other popular payment methods. Easily send invoices to customers, and offer discounts and free trials to drive adoption.

Support any pricing model

Billing logic for everything from per-seat pricing to metered billing is available out of the box. Automate billing and revenue recognition for upgrades, downgrades, and tax rates.

Support custom pricing for complex deals

Give sales teams the ability to send quotes, negotiate rates, and automate the collection process.

Go global from day one


Start accepting fiat and cryptocurrency payments in seconds

Add your business details

Add your business details and allow users to generate purchase invoices automatically and calculate and validate VAT. Setup your default currency, business logo, color scheme, and more from one attractive, easy-to-use dashboard.


Create a new Checkout

To start receiving payments, you must set up a new checkout for your product or service. In just one click, you will set up your product's price, description, currency, etc.


Receive payments

Once the checkout is set up, you will receive the payment URL and an embed code. You can embed the checkout code into any website or app, and Nhype Payments will do the rest and process your payment end-to-end.


All stats in one dashboard

Now sit back and relax. Nhype will process all your payments. You can check your Nhype dashboard and export all your transaction activity. You can view and filter transactions by date, status, currency, keywords, and more in one comprehensive dashboard with all your transaction history and stats.


What We Offer

Instant Transfer and Conversion

Instantly and automatically receive payments, transfer the amount, or convert it to FIAT currencies like USD or cryptocurrencies like USDT or Bitcoin.

No Fees, No Recurring Payments

Traditional payment providers charge transaction, withdrawal, conversion, and other fees, which increase over time.

Literally global payments

Traditional payments often fail in developing countries. With cryptocurrency, you can receive payments from customers anywhere in the world.

24/7 Support

Sure, we’re digital, but we also have real people to support you 24/7.



users are taking advantage of Nhype Payments Tool. It’s a fast, efficient, and secure way to receive payments in fiat and cryptocurrency.

Nhype Payments has helped us increase our sales by 30%, making our products available to crypto buyers as well.

I've tried every single payment solution on the market (and continue to evaluate new solutions), and yet I keep finding myself coming back to Nhype Payments.

Nhype Payments is the modern payments software solution that is exactly what we were looking for. From the feature set to the pricing model, Nhype Payments has been great for us.

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